Thursday, May 31, 2012

Protect your baby from germs and other yuckyness

One of the things my boys used to do when they were younger was try to chew or put their mouth on the shopping carts in the store. I am such a germ a phobe is that is even a word and would constantly worry that my babies were going to get sick or catch some disease. One of the first things I did was order a Infantino cart cover. I attatched some teething toys to it and I shopped at stores more comfortably and without worrying about my child getting sick.

A mommy must have is this cart cover. All babies like to touch and put their mouths on the shoppping carts. You never know how many people use and touch shopping carts and don't wash their hands. If you are wondering what to put on your baby registry make sure you put a shopping cart cover on your list.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shirt and short sets that are cute for your boys

I like cute tee shirts and short sets. I like my boys to be comfortable in their clothes when I take them to the park or for a play date. I used to dress my boys with jeans and shirts and they used to be so uncomfortable when it came time for them to play. I learned that during the summer less is better. These shirts and shorts sets are very easy to put on and my boys can move around and play easily in them.

If we are going to church or a party I will dress my boys up but  when it comes to play dates and just clothes to run around in these short sets are the best outfits for them. Boys are easier for me to dress than girls any shirt and shorts look good on them. If I had girls I would have a harder time coordinating clothes. If you have boys check these shirt and shorts sets I am sure you will buy a few for them to wear.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portable cribs are the solution to small spaces

Just because you have a small room doesn't mean your baby can't have a comfortable bed to sleep in. If your room does not have enough space for a full size crib get yourself a Dream on Me Portable crib. This portable crib is smaller than normal cribs and can fit in tight spaces. The great thing about this crib is that it turns into a day bed and eventually into a twin bed.

Do not be worried if your child outgrows their bassinett because this portable crib will be the solution to your childs sleeping arrangements. Some mothers who are just starting out have no idea that smaller cribs are available. I had no clue when I had my sons that these cute and smaller cribs exsisted. I wish I would have known about this portable cribs when my boys were born.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Two rompers for the price of one ... what a great deal

I love shopping for baby clothes. Since I am a mother of twin boys I have to make sure I get two sets of clothing all the time. I try not to dress them the same all the time and show their own personality through the clothes they like to choose. I always try to look for cute and fashionable clothes and I try to save as much money as I can while doing it. I recently saw the Just one you 2 pack of rompers for 12.00 and I immediately placed my order. The boys dont have to wear the same outfit and I am able to get them both dressed without having to order two of the same items.

I love these outfits because they are so cute looking and easy to put on. My children can wear these rompers to the park or to the beach. These rompers make great play clothes. My children love them and I think you will love them too.

OP 3 piece sets at a great price !!!

Shopping for a summer outfit for your children shouldn't have to break your wallet. I know it can be hard to find the right top and shorts and shoes to go with an outfit. If you have trouble picking out outfits that go together why not go and get the OP 3 piece set. If you choose an OP 3 piece set you wont have to be searching what will look good with what because OP has taken care of everything. You will get a shirt and some shorts and some sandals too. You have plenty of sets to pick from when choosing a 3 piece set and if you are like me you will buy two or more of these sets.

If you are thinking that a three piece set such as the one I am telling you about will cost a ton of money think again these 3 piece sets are available for 10.97 yes you read that right. What are you waiting for Go and order a couple of sets right now and have your children ready for the summer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I love this outfit and cute little black sandals

Putting together an outfit for yourt baby girl can be quite daunting sometimes. I have looks that I would like to see my nieces in and my sis has her ideas of what looks good. I personally would pick an oufit such as the Striped Graphic Tank & Tiered-Ruffle Skirt and some cute little black sandals. My sister would rather stick with a one piece jumper. I think this year should be full of color and contrast and I think mixing and matching different colors is in fashion right now.

I know my sister is old school and likes to match colors but I think little girls look cute in punk style clothes. I like to have fun dressing my little niece when she comes over. I am lucky enough that my sister doesnt mind me buying her clothes that I like to see her in even  if the outfits aren't something my sister would pick out. You tell me if you find this outfit I picked out cute or not?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two piece short sets are the way to go

There are times when I hate shopping for baby clothes that are not a set. I hate trying to pair a shirt with the right pair of shorts and vice versa. It always seems that when I have some place to go I can never find the right size for the two items I want. When I am having a busy day I am thankful for being able to find outfits like Just one you 2 piece short set. This outfit comes with the shirt and shorts and I dont have to spend a long time looking for the same size for either the top or bottom set. I love being able to go to the store and picking up a nice outfit and be able to be home and getting the kids ready in enough time the.

Getting two boys dressed can be a diffucult task sometimes. I try to be on time wherever I go but sometimes that is just an impossible task. I try to have the boys outfits out and waiting on top of the dresser to make time more managable. Thank goodness I am able to find 2 piece short sets or I would never be done and wouldnt be able to go anywhere

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skinny jeans are the perfect solution to jeans that are just too big on kids

My twins were born premature and have always been on  the smaller side of the scale. I have always had to buy clothes at a smaller size than they were and now they are getting longer but not thicker. I hated the way that jeans fitted them since they are soo skinny. I am glad that I checked out Old Navy because I found out that they carry skinny jeans that fit my boys perfectly. These skinny jeans look so cute on my boys and are the perfect length that I needed them.

The great thing about Old Navy is that if you buy two or more pairs I got the jeans for 12.00 a piece instead of the 16.95 that they usually run. If you have children that are on the thin side and regular jeans are just too big on your kids I recommend checking out the skinny Jeans that Old Navy carries.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dress your child in light clothes on hot days

With the weather warming up the last thing you want to do is put too much clothes on your infant. If you have a baby girl I suggest putting on a Circo infant ruffle dress on your little girl. This 100 percent cotton  sleeveless dress will keep your little girl from sweating too much in this hot weather. This dress can be used for playtime or to go out anywhere. I like simple dresses such as this infant ruffle dress. I sometimes cringe when I see little girls that are dressed in tights and lots of clothing on a hot day. In case some parents dont know infants get hot a lot quicker than us parents do. If you are ever wondering how your child feels if you feel hot so does your baby.

I would leave my little boys in a onesie when it got too hot in the house. I noticed that my boys would get super cranky when they were hot and I started to realize that sometimes it is okay for them to hang out in their diapers if it is too hot and if we have to go out I make sure they are dressed lightly on hot days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If your baby doesn't like the swing you should check out the mamaroo

When you have stuff to do and dont want to leave your child in their crib, bring baby along and sit them in a 4moms plush mamaroo. The mamaroo plays soothing sounds that will keep your child entertained. Baby can keep you company and you can keep an eye on your child at all times. My children did not like the swing very much but they took to the mamaroo right away. I think that they didn't like the deep motions on the swing. I like the nature sounds that the mamaroo plays.

Some babies just dont like the motions of the baby swing but like to feel secure in chair. If your baby doesn't like the baby swing try the mamaroo instead. I am glad that I bought it and that my children love it soo much. I love that it is waterproof and mildew resistant as I sometimes feed my kids in it too.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Robeez shoes are the way to go

One of the things I looked for my kids was comfortable shoes. A lot of the baby shoes have hard soles and it makes it hard for babies to get a good feel for the ground when they are learning to walk. In search of the perfect shoes I came across Robeez shoes. These shoes are made very comfortable for babies that haven't learned how to walk and babies that are already walking. My sons learned how to walk faster in these shoes and loved wearing them when they were little. I like the fact that they are versitile when it comes to making their shoes. If my child needed little booties I knew I could find them here.

Once my child learned how to walk I put them in their cute robeez sandals. I could pick wether I wanted them to have a soft sole or a hard sole. I love these shoes so much. I only wish they made them in big kids sizes. I felt a little sad when my kids outgrew their robeez.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Carry a stylish diaper bag

Who says you have to use any old plain baby diaper bag? I personally like to use my Coach baby bag that my friend game me at my baby shower. I love Coach and my best friend went and got me a beautiful baby bag to carry all my baby needs in. When I had my girls long time ago I used the regular pink diaper bags that everyone else carried. Now with my boys I can be as fashionable as I want while carrying a baby bag that I actually like.

I know some women just use one of their oversized purses because they dont like the look of the diaper bags that are found at commen stores. I say take the time and shop around and if you are looking for designer shopping bahs go to and pick a nice bag that you wont mind using all the time.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I wish I could have bought an Orbit baby stroller

Before I found out I was carrying twins I wanted to buy the Orbit baby stroller for my baby. I had seen the baby stroller in magazines and I saw pictures of celebrities using the stroller. I am all about reviews and the reviews on this stroller were very good. I was set to order myself a orbit stroller and then I found out I was having twins and there went my dreams of owning such a cool stroller.

I have gone to amusement parks and see so many moms pushing their baby around in one and I cant help but feel a little disappointed at not being able to have owned one. These orbit strollers are very popular and in style right now. If you can afford this stroller I recommend it to anyone who is having one baby. All the babies I have seen are very comfortable in it and the parents tell me that it is the best stroller they have owned.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cute saying on baby shirts are my favorite

I like shirts that make a statement. I recently bought my boys these sleeveless bodysuit shirts that I just pair up with some jean shorts.The I Still Live With My Parents" Bodysuits for Baby look so cute and they are perfect for the hot weather we have been having. My boys like the attention they get from people who read their shirts. I have been looking for one of those "chick magnet" shirts for them. I am such a sucker for cliche words or sayings.

I can't help but love these cute shirts and all the cute little sayings you can find on them. I used to only like putting solid colors on my boys but with all the cool new fashion coming out for boys I am able to find a lot more cute clothes for them. Do you like these shirts too ?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cute swimsuit reminds me of the old days

I went shopping at Old Navy because I needed some shorts and as I was shopping I saw the cutest polka dot swimsuit ever. This swimsuit reminded me of the swimsuits that were used in the Old days and how classy women looked in them. Immediately thought which one of my girlfriends daughter would fit the swimsuit and quickly picked it up and bought it. I have always thought that the clothes that were worn in the 50, and 60's was so classy.

Don't you think this swimsuit is so cute? I really hope I can find a swimsuit just as cute as this one and I want it the same style too. I can't help but feel a little sad that I haven't found one in my size. Luckily I will be able to see this swimsuit on my friends daughter when we go over this weekend for the barbeque she is having.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You don't have to spend a fortune to get quality items

When buying baby clothes you don't need to spend a fortune. Finding baby clothes shouldn't be as hard as finding a good custom jewelry designer. I have found a cute 3 piece short set for less than it would cost to go eat some good sushi at a nice restuarant. Many of my girlfriends have little girls that I am often buying gifts for and I love getting good deals such as this one. I sometimes wish I had a baby girl to dress up but since I don't spoiling my friends baby is the next best thing.

I love the Carter's brand because I know I am getting quality clothes that will last. My boys have a lot of Carter's clothes and I have been buying their clothing line for quite some time. Although it is nice to buy some expensive designer clothes for my kids I don't always have to spend big bucks to do so. I like being a smart shopper. Look at this outfit for 12.00

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your childs safety should be your first priority

When it comes to my childs safety I want the best products around. I looked around many websites looking for the best and safest carseat around. Based on reviews and car crash testing I chose to buy the Britax Marathon carseat. I wanted to make sure that in case of an accident my children would be protected. I could not believe how many car seats had bad reviews.

When it comes to safety I rather choose what is safer and not what looks good in my car. I could care less what colors are offered in the fabric when it came to picking out the car seat that I was going to be using. One important thing I learned was that if  the carseat is ever in an accident it needs to be replaced right away. Just because you dont see any damage doesnt mean it doesnt have any. You do not want to take chances when it comes to your childs well being.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby must have for any mom

Before my boys learned to crawl we did a lot of tummy time. Tummy time is when you put kids on their belly. This excersize helps strengthen babies neck muscles and helps babies learn control over their muscles so they can learn how to crawl. My boys would get bored very easily until I bought the Baby Einstein baby neptune ocean adventure gym. This baby Einstein adventure gym has so many features such as the melodies that play and dancing lights which my boys liked to watch.

The cute ocean characters made my boys want to hold their head up and look at the toys and try to grab them. The reatachable toys that are able to moved around and attached to loops on the mat or the whale is something that I liked and my boys liked. I was able to do tummy time with my boys and they saw it  as fun time and not an excersize to stregthen their muscles. I just loved this adventure gym and think it's something that any parent will benefit from.