Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My sons will loop dapper in this bodysuit

Can't find cute designer clothes for your little boy? Try Harajuku Mini for boys. Like I told you before Harajuku mini for Target is a great alternative if you are looking for designer clothes at a resonable price. I love this cute Harajuku Mini for Target Infant Boys Tuxedo Bodysuit . This bodysuit reminds me of something my husband might wear when we go out so I knew i needed some for my little boys.

I might even make this  cute bodysuit a costume when it comes time for halloween. I love cute little clothes that look like something my husband might wear. Most of all I love being able to put my boys in cute fashionable clothes that wont cost me an arm and a leg. These cute designer clothes are made  exactly like I would like them to be.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Harajuku mini is a great designer alternative

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars trying to dress your little girl in designer clothes. if designer is what you are looking for buy her a Harajuki Mini cuties skirted bodysuit. This cute bodysuit has all the colors that are in style right now. This little bodysuit can be paired with some cute shorts or worn by itself.
I would personally put a colorful headband on baby girl and she will be the belle of the ball.

Bright and colorful are this seasons fashion colors and those colors are what is going to look good on your baby girl. I would make sure to get some gladiator sandals to complete the cute look. What I love best  about this body suit is that it can be worn without pants or shorts. This body suit will look good by itself.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love this cute plaid polo set.

Do you need an outfit for your little boy that isnt too casual and isnt too dressy? I have found the perfect outfit to fit tht criteria in the Okie Dokie plaid polo set. This Okie Dokie set can be worn to any event you might have to go to and your son will look super cute in it. I am loving the bright blue color of the shirt and the plaid shorts are quite in style right now.

I think this Okie Dokie polo short set is perfect for the beach or for any birthday party your son might need to attend. I  also love the cute little socks that come with the outfit. I am big on coordinating outfits and this set comes with everything I need. I wish I could have all my sons clothes come in sets such as these. I hope I can find a dress in the same color so I can take some pictures of my boys in these outfits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New colors and new designs for boys

When it comes to dressing boys you might have some difficulty finding cute outfits that dont contain sports. I personally like dinosaurs and monkey designs. Dinosaurs have been especially popular this season and a cute Dinosaur overalls was just what I was looking for my boys. I dont always want them dressed in the traditional blue color. I like browns and striped designs and when I saw this cute dinosaur outfit I thought this is perfect.

Dont be afraid to dress your chikd in bright colors. This season lime green and orange have been a popular color and I like the change in scenery. I like the fact that designers are using more colors when it comes to making boys clothes. I always wanted a little girl because the clothes seemed cuter. I am glad that boys clothes is getting better and I am able to find more of a variety.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello Kitty 2 piece set is so cute

My little niece is in love with all things Hello Kitty. I remember loving Hello Kitty when I was a little girl and I cannot believe that the newer generation has the same love for the same thing. I am loving the fact that fashion styles are including Hello Kitty as one of the clothing characters. I was very pleased when I went looking for a little outfit for my niece and found just what I was looking for. This Hello Kitty Baby Girls' 2-Piece Bubble Hem Dot Tunic and Legging Set would look so cute on her.

Whenever I go visit my sister I like to make sure I bring a little something for her daughter. I love spoiling my nieces and nephews whenever I can. I always figure that they wont be small for long and I won't be able to buy them all these cute little clothes. I must admit I love the hugs and kisses I get and I love being told I am their favorite aunt too.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chic while out and about

There is nothing more chic than an outfit for your baby that resembles something you could have worn when you were a baby. I love vintage clothes and this Flutter top and Ruffled bloomer set brings back memories of my childhood. I could easily see my mom putting something like that on me. I fell in love with thsi set as soon as I saw it. Thus cute little set is perfect for this summer weather. Wether you are heading out to the beach or spending time in the park this little outfit will look cute on your daughter.

I would pair some cure little white sandals with this Flutter top and bloomer set. A cute little white hat will make this outfit perfect. You do not need to over think on what your little girl needs to wear to look cute. If you pick this outfit your baby will be the cutest little baby on the playground.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cloth diapering is so easy to do

When I got pregnant with my boys I battled with the idea of cloth diapering them. Cloth diapering is much easier now than it was when we were growing up. The cloth diapers such as these Charlie Banana resusable diapers are much easier to clean and maintain. I think it is easier using cloth diapers since the chemeicals used in disposable diapers are not put on your precious baby. I also like the idea of not putting even more waste in an already crowded landfill.

These diapers are machine washable and can be machine dryed too. I like the buttons that lets you adjust to the size you need. I also love the different color choices I have. All my friends saw how easy cloth diapers were to use and started cloth diapering too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kitty cat romper for my little princess

Halloween will be here in a few months but who says you can't dress your little girl in a cute Okie Dokie cat romper before Halloween? I love seeing my little niece in cute little outfits such as the little Minnie Mouse outfit I got her at Disneyland. I must admit that I spoil my baby niece so much because I have boys and haven't gotten the chance to dress up a little girl.

I always tell all my girlfriends that you do not have to spend tons of money dressing your babies. I always look for clothes that are in fashion and adorable for a great price. While I would special order a one of a kind outfit for my niece, I will also shop at local boutiques and online boutiques for cute outfits that  are just to cute to see them and not buy them. Look at this cute cat romper dont you think it would look cute on your baby girl ?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soft breathable blankets are the choice to go to when choosing baby blankets

The newest blankets being used for babies are the Muslin blankets The Muslin blankets are used  because they are made from 100% breathable cotton, they keep baby comfortable and prevents overheating. During these hot summer months you do not want to cover your child and have them be sweaty and uncomfortable.

The Summer Infant Multi Muslin SM blank 3PK Busy Bees is great for either a boy or a little girl. You can use these blankets to cover you when you breastfeed or to swaddle your child. You can use these blankets as a burp cloth to if you so choose. Whatever you may need to use the blanket for these soft and breathable blankets should be your top choice. Especially during this hot summer months the best blankets to be using are these Muslin blankets.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carters 4 piece layette set makes a great baby shower gift

When you have to go to a baby shower and dont have much time to really shop around I suggest getting a Carter's newborn layette set. You can never go wrong with a layette set. It comes with the essentials any new mom will need. This Carters layette set comes with with a onesie and a hat and some cute little pants and a one piece pajama. This set will be perfect for the new mom to take to the hospital.

Wether your friend is having a boy or a girl you can always pick the color of layette you want and you do not have to spend much time deciding which outfit would look best. This set comes with a few items so you do not have to buy anything other than this set. I love buying sets whenever I am pressed for time. Who wouldn't love the cute designs that comes in this Carters set? If you need a quick gift this is the way to go.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zebra dress with leggings will have your baby girl looking like a princess

Zebra print is all the craze right now. If you want your little girl to be in fashion buy her a
Sweet Heart Rose Baby Set, Baby Girls Zebra Dress and Leggings. Your little princess will be the center of attention and I am sure amny will be asking you where you bought such a cute dress from. I am an adult and I am into the zebra print right now too. I just find zebra print clothes so adorable on baby girls.

I like the option that comes with this cute zebra dress. You can either use stocking or pair up the dress with the cute little leggings that comes with it. The ribbon an floral appliques at waist make this dress so cute. I am sure any baby will look stunning in this dress. You can easily make this dress a summer dress by adding sandals to this outfit or you can add little black shoes to it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ralph Lauren outfit is perfect for any outing

I am a big fan of Ralph Lauren because he makes such nice clothes that my husband loves to wear. When I saw this Baby Boys Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt and Cargo Shorts I thought right away how cute my boys would look in this outfit. As a matter of fact theri dad owns something similar. I love getting my boys clothes that are in the same style as their dad. My husband loves coordinating his clothes with his boys. I tell my husband that I feel like we come out of a catalog book sometimes.

The one good thing about all of us coordinating our outfits is that when we take pictures together the pictures do look great. I am glad that I am able to find designer clothes that are still affordable. I often wonder about how my boys will dress when they get older. I am just sitting back and enjoying all this time that I have to pick up their outfits because I wont be able to when they get older.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Polka dot sandals and a jean romper will look so cute

Little girls are so easy to dress, I just love shopping my for my niece. I found the cutest little polka dot sandals and I knew I couldnot leave the store without getting them. These polka dot sandals would look great with the little jean romper I got her last week. I love that fashion designer are making cute items for babies. Even though babies are little they should look just as good as the parents.

My sis always makes sure that her daughter is in style and has the most current baby style. I like to find outfits that not many people have or that are hard to find. I also like shopping at Old Navy when it comes to kids clothes because they have clothes that are hip and cool and at a good price. You better believe I stock up on clothes for my boys and my niece when they have 30 percent and 40 percent off sales. Where do you like to shop for clothes and shoes for your baby? In case you were wondering these are the sandals I got my niece.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More baby boy prints are coming out. I just love monkey prints

Finding cute baby clothes can be a hassle sometimes. I dont always want my child dressed in sports prints. I often try to find animal prints or solid prints because I am getting tired of seeing all the little boys clothes have some kind of sports logo. When I went to Old Navy I saw this cute little monkey graphic bodysuit and leggings that had little monkeys on the feet. I thought this outfit was the custest outfit I have seen in a long time.

You better believe I picked up the outfit as soon as I saw it. I am so glad that more animal prints are coming out for little boys. I love putting outfits on my kids that have cars or animals or letters instead of the usual footballs and baseballs. I really hope more cute boy clothes keeps on coming out. Buying baby boy clothes has become so much easier now that they have prints I like.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer outfit for your baby boy

Are you troubled when it comes to pairing up the right outfit for your son? I often struggle trying to find what shirt goes well with what shorts. Wether we are going to the zoo or just going to the park I want my boys dressed to the nines. One of the reasons why I like to shop at Old Navy is because they pair up the cutest outfits. I saw the Western shirt and belted cargo shorts and immediately thought that was the best outfit for my sons.

This cute outfit paired with some soft soled sneakers will be perfect for any outing we might go to. The graphic bodysuit shirt can be paired up with the western plaid shirt of be without it and it would still look great. If you aren't sure what outfit to pick out for your son look through the baby section of Old Navy and I am sure you will find the perfect outfit you want for your son.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

harajuku mini paint splatter pants are a baby must have

I saw the cutest pants for my boys. I went shopping at target for some household items and came upon these cute Harajuku mini paint splatter pants and I just knew that I had to have them. These pants are playful and colorful just like my boys are. I love the harajuki mini line that target carries. I love clothes that are made well and doesn't cost me my whole paycheck. I have two boys to buy clothes for so I hate spending too much since I have to buy two of everything.

I love baby designer clothes and especially the ones that I can afford. I usually like to shop at carters or baby gap but the clothes that target carries are nice too. Where do you go to buy your baby clothes? On occasion I go to baby boutiques online and order some of their clothes. It's just hard finding a boutique that doesn't have outrageous prices and has nice quality clothes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rompers are so cute

Rompers are in style right now. I got my little niece  this cute Cherokee Denim Romper for the 4th of July. My family is planning a barbeque and I wanted something cute and easy to put on my niece. My sister usually puts a little undershirt so my nieces shoulders aren't exposed. I like it better just the way it is. What I do like is the little sandals my sister puts on her when she wears this outfit.

I bought some cherokee short for my boys and tank tops and I think they will look picture perfect for tomorrow. I was looking to find clothes that was the same material so they match when we take pictures. I love matching my boys and especially when their cousins come around I like to take pictures of them in similar clothes so the picture comes out nice. I am so excited for tomorrow and taking pictures of them.