Friday, October 31, 2008

Quality is important in baby clothes

So here's one thing I've learned about baby clothes: even in the same brand, sizes can vary. The exception is Circo, which is a brand of baby clothing and toddler clothing that Target carries. Most of what my four year old and two year old wear is Circo, and whether it's pants, shirts, undershirts or socks, the sizes are always consistent.

Generally speaking, better brands of baby clothes will run true to size. More importantly, they are made of high quality materials, so they will last.

Where do you shop for baby clothes?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cozy & Cute Holiday Baby Clothes!

Shouldn't those holiday baby clothes be warm and cuddly? Of course they do! The collection of Mad sky footies, Onesies and Kimono Sets that offers are are of quality design and comfort. Now that the weather has become cooler, babies will be nice and warm dressed in one of these cozy outfits! Mad Sky brand baby clothes are a great choice in baby clothes and holiday lounge wear! Check out the entire baby layette and, that we have for baby girls and baby boys!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Modern and Chic Designer Baby Clothes

These designer baby clothes for baby girls and baby boys are simply the cutest outfits. And, you can find them for Fall at! This online designer baby clothes boutique has hand picked kids clothes that have a European flair. The new fall line up of designer baby clothes and kids clothes are arriving, and, I have to say I love them all! I love warm sweaters and turtlenecks to keep the kids warm and this beautiful "Album di Famiglia" turtleneck is the perfect thing for those chilly days! So, if you are looking for the most modern and up to date styles of kids clothes this is the place to check out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Childrens Clothes Favorite!

The girls Roxy childrens clothes Collection has been a real favorite among trendy little girls this season. This Roxy white escape dress quite the fashion statement for little girls! With attention to what is hot right now, this outfit looks great anywhere goes! Wear a long sleeved tee, changed up with tights, boots or flats for a Fall look Get ready for the compliments with the Roxy little girls clothes for Fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cool Baby Clothes by Paul Frank

With all the cool kids clothes out there these days, it can be hard to choose just one! But, I have to say that one of my favorites has to be the Paul Frank line! This brand has been around for years and continues to be one of my little ones favorites as well.
The mix and match pieces coordinates so easily with the rest of my kids wardrobe and they always reach for these cool tees, dresses, skirts, backpacks socks and, more!
The festive prints and colors really make a statement with Julias edgy modern look to these cool baby clothes brand available at in boys and girls styles!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Must Have Baby Furniture Quality

Looking for all those must have items to decorate your dream nursery? I'm always on the lookout for the perfect baby furniture, baby bedding and accessories to create that special room for baby. When picking out the baby furniture where your little one will be spending most of his or her time growing up, I would suggest buying quality high end furniture that will stand up through the years. Safety is a main concern when purchasing a crib or bassinet so make sure that these items meet the safety qualifications that are put in place for good measure. Picking out the theme and colors is the fun part when putting together a room. From modern designs to traditional, the choice is yours. I really love the new line of modern furniture by, Ducduc. This baby furniture is designed to grow with your child and, to compliment the rest of your modern decor in today's trendy homes.
These baby products not only look great but meet the standards of safety and durability. Made of natural hardwoods, and are coated with non-VOC lacquer paint, which is safe for children.
Now, go out and have fun creating the baby's room that you've always dreamed of, knowing that your child will be safe around baby products that are unsurpassed and very chic!
DucDuc baby furniture and, products can be purchased from the upscale online baby store,!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking at the Designer Baby Clothes

How many times have you gone to the mall looking for something different and, everything looks the same? Without having the right kind of buyers for stores can be a real problem. If you have the same person with the same taste buying each year for a particular store, you will more than likely see the same sort of clothing time and time again!
With this said, I am looking more and more at designer clothing for woman, men and, designer baby clothes on-line for my family. These specialty stores give you items to choose from that are usually hand picked with attention to style color and quality.
I have a few children to buy for and, I want them to have childrens clothes that reflects their own personality! I usually buy what is new for the season but, watch for particular mix and match pieces that can be integrated into the rest of their existing wardrobe.
A few of the designer that I have bought over and over would be Flowers by Zoe, Roxy and, Quiksilver. They stay true to quality of the garment and, always have new and interesting pieces that add flair to my kid's clothing style.
Don't you think that the way your children dresses says something about who bought them the clothing they wear? I would have to agree with this. I like my kids to look good, in style and, own clothing that makes them feel good. Because, when they look good, they feel good about themselves, and, that makes me a happy mom!