Thursday, November 29, 2012

This V neck sweater is picture perfect

When our family goes to take family pictures I like all of us dressy and ready for the camera. I dont always pick suits sometimes I choose V-neck sweaters for my boys are pair them with some jeans. I like to keep it casual if they are just going to be family portraits for the house. Every year I try to change up the colors and the themes to make it look fun and cute.

If the cards are going to be holiday cards I try to have the kids in their Sunday best and have them ready for the camera because those are the pictures that become the family holiday pictures that get sent out to friends and family. Last year we kind of cheated and didnt take new pictures we just made a collage of old pictures and put them in holiday ornaments and turned that into our holiday card.

This year I am going to go with the V-neck sweater and blue jeans and hope the pictures come out nice.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My boys love this outfit

Although Halloween is once a year I dont see why we cant dress our little guys in cool Halloween type wear any day of the year. I personally like to put my little guys in this Graphic one piece outfit. My boys like that it glows in the dark and they like to see the little bones and heart graphic on he outfit.

A lot of my friends like dressing their boys in skulls and skeletons because it is a popular print right now. I used to like pastels but after buying so many pastel color outfits for my boys I wanted something more masculine and this outfit is perfect. If you buy it now you can get it for 9.00 instead of the 12.94 it retails for.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This outfit is great for monkeying around

During this cold winter you do not want to be struggling putting  a lot of clothes on your baby girl. I would choose this Carters one piece outfit if I had a little girl. The long sleeve on this one piece outfit will kepp your little princess warm. I love this outfit so much I ordered one for my niece. We call my little niece monkey and the cute little monkey on this one piece makes it even more cute an outfit than it already is.

The buttons on the leg part make it easy for diaper changing which is something that my sister looks forr when buying clothes for her little girl. I think this outfit is a great everyday play outfit and for 8.99 you can not go wrong when ordering this outfit.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I love these little pants for my boys

Finding pants for my boys can be a bit hard. My boys are on the lean side and it is hard to find pants that fit good. I love Target's Osh Kosh brand because they have the spandex and button on the inside to pull them tighter and have them fit right at the waist. I always find cute shirts but I always have a hard time finding pants.

These Osh Kosh brand jeans look so cute on my little boys. I like the faded look they have in front of the pants and I also adore the plaid look they have at the bottom of the jeans. I think these jeans would look so cute on any little boy. My sister even liked them for her little girl.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Your little girl will be ready for Christmas with this outfit

Let the whole whole world know just how much your little girl loves Christmas. This cute Newborn Girls' Ruffle Skirted Holiday Creeper will look absolutely adorable on your little girl. Pair this outfit with some tights and a little headband and she will be good to go anywhere.

The little leopard print tutu on the long sleeve onesies is what makes this outfit so cute. With the weather changing cosntantly you do not want to overdress your little girl. I think this outift is perfect to layer. I would carry some leggings just in case it gets a little cold. A little jacket might be a good idea to have around just in case the night gets too chilly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A perfect little outfit for your snow princess

Your little girl will look cute in this tutu dress this winter. The print of the little girl skating will keep your baby girl smiling. The long sleeves will keep your little girl warm and she will look like an ice princess wearing this dress.

The pink tutu will keep your little girl looking very girly. A pair of tights is all she will need to cute cute as a button. This dress is made from 100 percvent cotton so it will be very easy to take care of. I am sure you will not be disappointed by ordering this dress for your little girl. You can always order some warm boots to go with this dress and keep your little princess warm.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daddy's little monkey is ready for anything

Show off daddy's little monkey off with pride. Dad will love to see his favorite little monkey in this cute pink one piece with "Daddy's favorite monkey" written on it. This cute ne piece will be a cinch to put on when you are pressed for time. If you got a fussy little girl your best bet for dressing her is to stick to a cute outfit such as this one.

I like the 100 percent cotton fabric this one piece outfit is made from. I also like that it is made long sleeve so I dont have to worry about putting too many layers of clothes. This outfit is perfect for any playdate your child might have. Dont forget to buy this outfit to show off daddy's little monkey to everyone.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Great playdate outfit for your son

What clothes do you choose to put on your child before you take them on a playdate? I usually choose something like  OshKosh Newborn Boys' 2 Piece Overall Set to put on my sons before I take them to the park. The long sleeve shirt is perfect to keep my boys warm and the overall pants will keep them warm too. My boys dont like tags on their shirts and this shirt is tagless so that is a big plus with me.

I like the color scheme on this over all set. I do not like clothes that is too dark. I like my boys clothes to have some color and this red and grey shirt with brown overalls goes perfectly I think. The only other thing I add when I put this outfit on my boys is a grey beanie hat and they are ready to go to the park and have fun with other kids.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Beautiful and classic look

Christmas parties and Christmas get togethers will be happening are you prepared? If you are looking for a little dress that will look perfect for those get togethers I suggest getting your little girl this Harajuku mini sequin dress. Your little girl will be the belle of the ball. This dress is perfect for any festive occasion. This dress doesn't need much to make it look perfect just some tights and black shoes will finish the look.

This dress makes me want one for myself. I think this dress will make any little girl feel like a princess. I think this dress brings back the elegance and classic look that was popular back in the sixties.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Have your little girl ready for the holidays

Do you have a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner to attend? If you are looking for something nice for your little girl  to wear for that special holiday evening I sugges this Cute Cherokee little girl dress  . This dress is perfect for any holiday dinner or holiday picture. A little pair of black tights is all you need to make this dress complete.

The long sleeves on this dress will keep your little girl warm. The cute little bloomers will protect your little girls diaper from showing. I love dresses like these that look great no matter what the occasion might be.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two choice in one for the little princess

I would love to have a little girl that I can dress up. My sister changes her little girls outfit quite a few times a day. My sister likes the Carter's Girls 3 piece outfits because she can choose which top to put with the pants. I love the three piece outfits Carter sells because it is much easier for my sister to choose what she would like to see on her little girl. What I also like about the different tops is that one looks more like a paytime shirt and the other looks a little bit more dressy.

I think little girls can get away with changing their outfits a little more than boys do. I see how much fun my sister has buying clothes for her little girl and I am lucky that she lets me play dress up with my niece too. I bet when my little niece grows up she is going to want as big a wardrobe as she has now.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A outfit to monkey around in

Winter weather is here and making sure your child is wearing the proper attire is very important. I alwasy think it is best to have layers of clothing on your child. If you have layers of clothing you can take some off if it is too hot. You can also add some layers if it is too cold. I like this Carter's Infant Boys' 3 Piece Cardigan Set because my sons can just wear the pants and long sleeve shirt. If it gets too cold I can always put the little jacket on them.

I like the light blue color on this outfit and the little monkeys on the jacket and shirt make it so cute. I have noticed that the clothing for babies is much more playful and vibrant and that is something I like. I think this outfit is a perfect playtime outfit.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Have your little girl show off her style

Let your little girl stand out in a crowd with this Harajuku mini 2 piece set. All the colors in this outfit screams style and fashion all rolled into one. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be one of a kind and I bet your little girl will feel like a princess in this 2 piece outfit.

This 2 piece outfit is machine washable which a great thing when you have a curious little one. I dont know how many times I have had to wash my nieces outfit after we have dinner. These Harajuku mini 2 piece outfit is made out of 60 % Cotton, 40 % Polyester. The long sleeves will keep your child warm on these cold winter days we are having.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Have Santa's little helper with you

Have your little girl dressed up as one of santas little helpers this christmas. Your little girl will look so cute in this santa suit. if you have christmas parties to attend let your little girl be the center of attention. This Santa suit set comes with the dress, the leggings, and a cute santa hat. This santa dress will keep your child warm and looking cute the whole time.

What I like about this santa suit is that it is machine washable in case baby girl makes a mess while eating all the yummy food. Don't worry about this outfit shrinking because it is made of  77 % Cotton, 23 % Polyester.  Bring in the holiday season with your own santas little helper.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cute skinny pants for your little boy

If you have skinny boys like I do I recommend buying skinny jeans for them. I like these Harajuku min skinny pants because they are quite colorful and stand out. I like to dress my boys in cool clothes that grab peoples attention. I have a teenage daughter who loves going shopping with me to pick out clothes for her brothers.

I like to get designer clothes but not pay designer prices. I love shopping at Target because they carry the Harajuku clothing line and they make such cute clothes. Wether you have a little girl or boys like me you can always find something cute made by Harajuku mini. I just think these pants are adorable. Do you like them too ?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Festive pajamas for your little boy or girl

Make sure your son or daughter is warm when going to bed. Winter weather is here and it is important to make sure your baby is warm in case he moves and kicks the covers off. One of the things you  should make sure when buying pajamas for your childen is that they are fire retardant and that they fit tightly on your child.

Loose pajamas can catch on fire easily and that is something you will want to avoid when purchasing pajamas for your child. I chose these Carter toddler boy pajamas for my boys because they look quite festive. I like pajamas that have cute characters or cute prints on them. These christmas pajamas are gender nuetral so if you have a niece or a nephew they can both enjoy these pajamas.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Your son will be picture ready in this outfit

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Have you picked out your son's outfit for the family gathering? If you are looking for a cute outfit for your son I think this Genuine Kids from OshKosh Newborn Boys' 2 Piece Plaid Flannel Set will look great for those family gatherings. Your son will look very dapper in this flannel set.

If you are worried about the cold weather that is setting in I think this flannel set will keep your child warm the entire time. If your child gets too hot you can always take the sweater vest off your son and the outfit will still look great. I think this flannel set is an outfit that is picture perfect for those holiday photos too.