Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring needs to get here right now

I am anxiously waiting for spring to come. I went shopping at Old Navy for some jeans and while there I saw this cute little outfit for my little niece. This Printed Bubble One-Pieces for Baby looked so cute and I knew my sister would love dressing her little girl in it. My little niece is so adorable that everytime I see a cute outfit I cannot help myself and end up buying her anything cute I see.

I know my sis and she will hardly be able to contain herself before she put this cute bubble one piece on her daughter. Knowing her she might try to put some tights on my niece and have her wear it now. I thought it was so adorable so I dont blame my sis for wanting to put it on her baby girl now.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I like to stick with clothing sets or collections

Finding the right outfit for your son can be difficult at times. I have a hard time finding what will go well with my sons cargo pants. I tend to look for clothing sets and collections such as Boys' Casual Cargo Collection to dress my boys. I find it was easier to color coordinate clothes when they are from the same collection and are made to mix and match with each other. 

You would think it would be easy to dress boys but I find it harder because I don't see as much selection as there is for girls. I see a lot of the same dark colors for boys. I really wish there was more color diversity when it came to boys clothes. One thing I am glad about is that the prints on boys clothes is getting way cuter. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Such an adorable dress

Looking for a cute outfit for your little girl ? I am loving this Harajuku Mini for Target® Girls Tunic Dress - Azalea. I know my little niece will love such a spunky dress. This dress reminds me of the dresses that were used in the fifties and I just think it is super cute. The color contrast you would not think it would go well together but it does.

I think this dress would make a very cute Valentine's day dress. My family  likes to get together and have a little mini party for Valentine's day so I know my niece is going to love having this cute dress to wear. I wish someone would make this dress in an adult size because I would purchase this for myself.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My boys love monkeying around

Wondering how to keep your little guy warm right after a bath? I use this Newborn Boys' Hooded Monkey Robe. My boys love this cute little monkey robe. I find it easy to put this robe on right after a robe while I get their diapers on and put lotion and get their pajamas on them. The material is so soft on the robe and my boys like this robe way more than the baby towels I have for them.

I will hate to see the day when this robe doesn't fit them anymore. I hope I am able to find something similar in a bigger size. I just love the look of this robe because it looks like a younger version of their daddy's robe. I am so glad to have found this cute robe at such a great price.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do you have a snow suit?

Are you planning on going to the snow? If you plan on spending time in the cold air and snow make sure you have your boy warm and ready for all the snow ball fights and snowman building you guys are going to do. Many parents think that a jacket is enough to keep their boys warm and it isn't. The worst thing you want to do is not have your child ready for the snow.

I recommend using a Disney Pixar Cars Toddler Boys' Snow Suit  when going to the snow. You want to make sure that your son is well insulated when he is playing in the snow. I have had my child get sick after playing in the snow and ended up paying a lot of money while I was out in the mountains for a snow suit. Make sure you you have the proper suit before you end up spending tons of money getting one.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cute bright colors for your baby girl

Bright colors are whats in style right now. I bought my niece this cute Just One You by Carter's Infant Girls' 3-Piece Set to wear and her mommy loves this outfit. What my sister likes the most about this outfit is that she can put on the onesie or the dress shirt depending on what mood my little niece feels like.

I like the bright colors and the bright leggings that come with this outfit. Gone are the light pastel colors that many babies had to wear these new bright colors are young and vibrant just like babies are. I love seeing bright colors on babies and especially my niece.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Such a cute outfit

Looking for a cute outfit for your son that will keep him warm? I saw this JOY ITB 3pc Crdgn St Grn/Lt Blue and I thought it was the perfect outfit for my little boys. The cute jacket looks kind of like a letter man jacket which is in style right now. The pants are cute sweat pants and the shirt lets everyone know that his auntie is awesome which my sister will like a lot.

Finding cute winter wardrobe is very hard but this outfit is the complete outfit and will have any little boy looking cute. I like this outfit as a n everyday outfit. My sons like wearing comfortable clothes and this outfit is perfect for them. They like running around in it and I find it reasonable priced.