Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little moo for halloween

Halloween will be here before you know it. I like to find my childrens costumes before October comes because the good costumes are gone by the time October comes by. I want to dress my little niece in a cute Carters Cow costume. My boys will be little racoons and I think going with an animal theme will be very cute. I like Carters when it comes time to choosing costumes. Carters clothes are made to last and asre quite comfortable.

I used to spend tons of money buying all kinds of costumes from the halloween costume store and those costumes did not last very long nor were they made from good material. After seeing the costumes Carters carries those are the only costumes I have gotten for the past ferw years.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A 3 piece outfit fit for a little princess

Have you started buying your babies fall wardrobe? I have started buying clothes for my boys and every now and then I throw in a couple of outfits for my niece. I could not resist this 3 piece microfleece cardigan  set I found for my beautiful baby niece. I know my niece will look like a little princess in such a cute outfit. My sister in law has this thing for zebra print and at first I would make fun of her for having such a facsination for that print but now it has grown on me and I have realized it is a popular print.

I try to stay in the know of what is in style and what isnt and I can tell you that zebra print is in style right now and it looks great on any little girl. If I had a choice between buying solid prints and zebra prints I would go for the zebra prints.

Monday, August 27, 2012

This will keep my boys warm

Fall will be coming soon and it is a great idea to start shopping for your fall and winter wardrobe. I found the cutest jumpsuit and I had to order it for my boys. This hooded microfleece jumpsuit is something that looks easy to put on and off and I like easy clothes because my boys like to squirm a lot when I am getting them dressed.  I like materials that are not itchy on my boys and this material seems like it will not be itchy at all for the boys.

I like the hood that comes in this one piece jumpsuit. My boys tend to get cold very easily and I like to make sure they have a hat or a hoodie covering their little ears at all times. I can be a little overprotective when it comes to my boys but I rather keep them as warm and cozy as I can rather than having a sick baby to tend to.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where do you sleep your newborn ?

Choosing where to sleep baby when he or she comes home is very important. I wanted my baby close to me and I chose a co sleep because that was all they ahd at that time. Now things ahve changed and you no longer have to choose an ugly co sleeper. You have the option to get a cute Snugamonkey Deluxe Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper to put your newborn in. I often worried about sharign my bed with my baby because I did not want to roll over and smother my baby. With this sleeper baby can be close to you at all times and you can have a good nights rest.

If you do not have much room to storage a pack and play in your room this sleeper does not take too much room and will be perfect to keep your newborn baby in. I recommed using this sleep for the first 1 to 3 months.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A yellow sunsuit for any little princess

The end of summer should be coming soon. The heat however doesnt seem to be goojg anywhere. If the weather around you is too hot to have your little girl all dressed up, I suggest getting her a Just One You yellow sunsuit. This cute sunsuit will be cool enough for your little girl to wear without sweating from all this heat. if it gets a little chilly you can always put a little cardigan on your little girl. i think this little sunsuit dress is perfect to go to the beach with.

I can totally picture my little niece in this yellow sunsuit outfit. i think I am going to order her some yellow sandals or some white sandals to finish this cute look. A little white hat wouls also look great on your little girl. Whatever you want to pair this outfit with, I am sure it will look great.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love the Shaun White collection for little boys

A cute new collectionf for little boys is out. I just love the Shaun White collection that can be found at Target. The shaun white collection has the clothes that I would gladly put on my little boys. I am getting bored with the same prints they have for little kids. I want more edgier prints and those are the kind of prints I can find in the Shaun White collection. My sons are into skulls and punk rock stuff like their dad and I was having a hard time finding clothes in their size with that style.

I am glad designers are taking more notice in little kids clothing. I think making little kids clothes just as fashionable as adult clothes is the best decision that has ever been made. Wouldn't you want to dress your child in cool and stylish clothes. What types of clothes would you pick for your son or daughter?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One can be a doctor and the other a cowboy

I can never pass up a cute outfit and these Novelty creepers are just some of the kids outfits that caught my eye. I like dressing up my boys and these cute onesies will look adorable on them. I like my kids to have cute and playful outfits. I dress my boys up to go to church and important meetings but other than that I want my boys in comfortable clothes. There is a saying that says "Boys will be boys" and that is quite true.

 I let my kids play in dirt and have fun out in their yard. I want my boys to feel comfortable in their clothing,so I can sometimes be quite picky when I am shopping for their clothes. I try to make sure that their shirts are tagless and I also make sure that their clothes is machine washasble. What do you look for when dressing your children?

Friday, August 17, 2012

An outfit good enough for church or any other event

Are you looking for an outfit that will be good enough to take your daughter to church or any other outing ? If you want something simple yet cute I would recommend the Precious First 2 piece outfit. This cute dress onesie out fit comes with a cardigan sweater that gives it an extra cuteness factor. I like seeing little babies girls all dressed up and looking like little dolls and this outfit sure does it. I think any mom will love this 2 piece outfit.

This cute two piece outfit will look perfect for spring pictures or any other type of pictures for that matter. I think you can pair this outfit with some cute capri's to make it another cute little outfit. There is many different looks you can achieve with this 2 piece outfit.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love this spider shirt

Am I the only one who gets excited for fall because it means Halloween is near? I love dressing my boys in graphic tee shirts that have skeletons or spiders or anything gooey. I think clothes that have cute prints look adorable on little boys and litttle girls. I am so used to seeing the same prints for boys and girls and love seeing variety when holidays come near.

I made sure to buy my boys these spider tee shirts and of course they loved their shirts. I think even though they are little they know what they like. I like pairing their long sleeved shirts with some levi jeans and sone cute vans shoes. What kind of clothing do you like to put on your boys or girls? Do you prefer to buy the normal everyday prints for your kids or the special limited edition ones?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Hello Kitty Hoodie that any little girl would love

I have girlfriends whose little girls love Hello Kitty. I must admit that although I am an adult I too love Hello Kitty. I love going to stores and getting my friends daughter all kind of Hello Kitty items and this Hello Kitty girls jacket is so cute that I couldn't help myself and I bought one to give to my little niece. This hoodie jacket will keep my little niece warm and I can live vicariously through her and enjoy shopping for Hello Kitty items. I am sure a lot of us girls collected Hello Kitty when we were younger. I am glad the Hello Kitty line is still available today.

I am not going to admit my age but lets just say that I was a very young girl when I got into Hello Kitty and I am glad that my nieces get to enjoy the same character I grew up loving. I wonder if the makers of Hello Kitty have thought about making adult sized Hello Kitty Hoodies? I would totally buy one for myself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You can never be too prepared when it comes to your children

Just around the corner is fall. Are you prepared ? I have started buying my sons fall clothing to get them prepared for the colder weather that should be here in a couple of months. I chose this 2 pc cardigan set because I thought it was so cute. I like to buy layer clothing for my boys because it is easier to be able to add or take off depending on how the weather is the day we are going out. I can never be too prepared when it comes to dressing my boys. I like to be prepared well in advance for any chilly weather or hot weather.

I wasn't always so prepared but after having to buy emergency clothes I make sure I pack clothing for all types of weather. I always make sure I pack extra clothing in case the boys get messy or have an accident. A mother can never be too prepared when it comes to her kids. My husband has always told me that I pack enough stuff for a few days but you can never be too prepared in my opinion.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bright colors are the way to go this season

Baby fashion doesnt just apply to the clothes we put on our child. I think baby fashion applies to everything baby related. I like to make sure my child has a nice fashionable room. I went with a jungle theme for my boys but I did help my sister in law decorate her baby girls room this past month. I loved the ZUTANOBLUE Owl Brights 4 pc Crib Bedding Set she picked her baby girl. I have been telling you guys that this seasons hot colors are bright colors and that is exactly what she has picked out her her little girl.

I helped paint the baby girls room a nice shade of pink and the bedding looked great in her little kids room. I have chosen bright colors for her little girls wardrobe and I think she will look great when she comes in a few days. I cannot believe how great these bright colors look and I am glad that the fashion for babies keep changing and we are not stuck with pastel colors all the time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some jeans that will hopefully fit my sons better

I have struggled with finding pants that would fit my little boys. My boys are quite slender and have always been on the slender side. I happened to be shopping at the Old Navy site and found some Pull-on jersey waist jeans for little babies. I think these pull on jersey waist jeans will fit better than the current jeans I keep buying my boys that fit too big around the waist. I always think that better clothes are made for little girls. I can always find just what will fit my niece good but when it comes to finding clothes for my boys I am not that lucky.

I find that the jeans made for boys tend to be way bigger around the waist. I would love to see skinny jeans for my boys since they are very slender and the jeans I find look really baggy on them. I want to be able to find some pants that will fit my boys good and not have them look like they are sagging all the time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summery dress for this massive heat wave

I have said that bright colors are in this season and as you can see in this OshKosh sleeveless dress bright colors will look very good on your little girl. This seasons color are all about getting noticed and your little girl will shine with this cute little dress. My sister loves that the dress comes with cute little diaper cover and I think it is cute that they would include it with the dress too. This dress will look so cute paired up with some jelly sandals.

With the heat that we have been having lately, I think you wouldn't want to put any other clothes on your baby girl other than this air and cool dress. You do not want to have too many layers of clothes on your little girl with this massive heat wave that is going on. You will want to have light clothing on your child and make sure that your baby is very hydrated.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Babylegs will keep your little baby warm

keeping a baby warm during the cold night can be somewhat difficult if you do not want to put tights on your child. I was lucky enough to be introduced to babylegs. You might wonder what are baby legs? Well let me tell you baby legs are leg warmers for babies. I love them because they are so easy to put on and I do not have to worry about having to put tights on and having to take them off during a diaper change. baby legs
can be used on toddlers and arm warmers too.

I love the differnt patterns and prints available on baby legs. I am sure you can find a pair of baby legs to match your childs outfit.My sister loves that they even have organic babylegs since she likes organic clothing for her little girl. I loved using the babylegs when my boys were learning how to crawl because it protected my sons legs and knees. I also loved how warm it kept my kids when they woukd wear shorts and I wouldnt have an extra pair of pants to put on them. You should check out baby legs and give them a try.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A one piece outfit that can be a costume or cute outfit

Do you need to prepare for Halloween and dont know what to dress your little one in? I suggest getting a superhero one piece outfit for your little one. These superhero one pieces can be worn at anytime. The beauty about this one piece is that it can be worn as an outfit or as a costume. My little ones hated being put into a costume. With this one piece your child wont feel like he or she is in a costume.

I also like one piece outfits such as these ones because they can sleep in them comfortably. The buttons on the side provide easy diaper changing and I dont have to wake up my babies when I am changing them. I also like that they are 100 percent cotton.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cute little cheetah outfit for your daughter

When the weather is weird and it isnt hot but it isnt cold what do you put on your baby? If the weather has you confused but you want your baby to stay fashionable, I suggest putting your little girl in a footed one piece in a cheetah print. This footed one piece is thin enough that baby wont be too hot and baby wont be too cold. I love cheetah prints and this cheetah print outfit is really cute.

These footed one piece outfits are 100 percent cotton and are machine washable. My sister in law likes to make sure that all her baby clothes are machine washable. I think its because she hates having to worry about taking them to the cleaners.