Friday, March 30, 2012

A dress fit for a princess

Have a little girl with a birthday coming up soon? I have found the perfect little pink dress that will have your baby girl looking like a princess. This cute princess dress with matching diaper panty is beyond cute.

I love seeing little girls dressed in pretty dresses. This Muneca Infant & Toddler Girl's Pick-Up Hem Dress caught my eye right away. I wish I had a little girl that I could put this little dress on. I am lucky enough that I have a niece that can wear it.

I ordered one for my niece and I can't wait to take pictures of her wearing such a cute dress. I want to get her some little tights and some cute shoes to wear with this dress. I must admit I am such a shopaholic that it doesn't matter if its boys or girls clothes I like buying both.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Such a cute outfit

How adorable is this hooded one piece outfit for a little boy? I have bought a few of these outfits when I had my little boys. I thought my sons looked so cute wearing these one piece outfits that I also bought some for my friends.

My friends loved the ease of dressing their boys and I told them that was one of the reasons why I loved them too. These one piece outfits are perfect for the summer. I dont like materials that make my sons sweat and these were perfect.

I bought my boys some little sandals and a little hat and put them in these outfits when we went to the beach. We got so many compliments on their outfits when we were out that I was so glad to have spent 12.94 on each outfit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I love overalls on babies

I have always loved the look of overalls on little babies. It doesn't matter if it's a little girl or a little boy in overall they both look cute. I have always wanted a little baby girl that I can put in a braided denim skirtall and have cute little white tights on her.

I just think that denim overalls looks great for any occasion. I have always dressed my boys in short overalls and pant overalls in cold days. I think overalls are easy to take off and change the baby when it comes time to change them.

If I coud only pick a few must have outfits overalls would be one of my first choices. What would you pick as your must have outfit?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cloth diapering is so much cuter than it was before

One thing I leaarned when I had my boys is the cost of disposible diapers. Not only did it cost a lot to be being disposible diapers but my son developed an allergy to to the disposible diapers. I checked into cloth diapers and was glad to find out that they are nothing like what our parents used on us.

The cloth diapers available today such as these Charlie Banana cloth diapers are easy to use and easy to wash. My son's butt was much happier wearing cloth diapers and I didn't have to spend all the money I was spending buying the disposibles.

I love the colors that came in the six pack I ordered of Charlie Banana cloth diapers and the great thing is you can get either the boy 6 pack or the girl 6 pack. I also love that these cloth diapers are one size and fit from 7lbs to 40 pounds.

If you would like to cloth diaper your baby check them out.

Monday, March 26, 2012

An outfit for Easter or any other occasion

Getting ready for Easter can sometimes be hard. Don't worry though I have found the perfect outfit to dress your little girl. I was looking through the carters website and found a great dress set and what is great is that you can put the three piece pretty in pink outfit set for 37.99

This little outfit will look great for Easter mass and then to go Easter egg hunting. There is nothing more adorable than to see a little baby girl with a beautiful dress on. The cardigan will keep your little girl warm and her little tights will look great on her little legs as well as keep her warm if the weather is chilly.

Don't wait too long since Easter is just around the corner. I am sure your baby girl can wear this cute outfit for other outings too.

Friday, March 23, 2012

a cute little outfit for any girl

There are so many cute clothes coming out for spring and summer. I saw a cute striped-linen romper and right away I paired them with some cute rope bow-tie sueded sandals. There isn't a little baby around that wouldn't look cute in this outfit.

The bright colors on the romper are just what is in style this spring. Wether you are choosing to go to the beach or simply on a regular day outing this little romper and sandals will be great on your baby girl.

I am gettign ready to order the outfit for one of my girlfriends who gave birth a few months ago. I know her style and she is going to love this outfit on her daughter.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh my goodness I love this romper

As soon as I saw this Harajuku mini Mermaid romper I wanted to buy it. I so wish I had a little girl to dress, but since I don't my little niece is the happy recepient of all the cute clothes I find. I was so glad to see Gwen Stefani's clothing line come to a store like walmart.

There will be so many styled little girls thanks to target carrying cute clothes made by Gwen Stefani. I wish I could predict what sex a baby could be because I would love to have a little girl to dress up and spoil.

I often feel myself outnumbered by the boys I have in my household.What am I going to do when my sister moves away from me and I can no longer take my niece shopping with me ?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have your little girl dressed cute in this 2 piece cardigan set

How cute is this 2 piece cardigan set? I think this outfit is perfect for any day out. The beautiful pink ensemble will look great on any little girl. This terrycloth set would also make a cute bathing suit cover up.

If you pair this pink outfit with a orange onesie, I think the baby will look absolutely adorable. The hoodie on the shirt will keep the babies head warm too. I think the cute sandals I posted about yesterday would look good with this outfit.

You would think such a cute outfit made by carters would be expensive but it's only 12.00 dollars . I am sure a lot of moms will be ordering this set for their daughters. I can't believe I found such a cute outfit.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love these cute sandals

Spring is here and with spring comes pretty spring dresses and pretty spring sandals. I love dressing up baby girls because they have many different styles to choose from. I absolutely love bright spring colors.

I can't wait to dress my friend's babies with cute colorful clothes and some pretty sandals. I saw some sandals at target and I have been thinking what cute dress can I pair it with. I should become a baby stylist if such a job exists.

I love shopping and especially for baby clothes and any baby item. I have a knack for putting cute clothes together. Now I just got to find the right outfit for these cute sandals

Monday, March 19, 2012

My baby will be ready to take his trip

Finding cute clothes for boys can be quite a challenge. I like to shop at old navy for myself and I couldn't help but browse the babies section for my baby. As soon as I saw this Guayabera one piece I fell in love.

My son's father is mixed and he often wears shirts in this style. I know that when he sees this outfit on my son he is going to love it. All I need to buy is some cute sandals and a little hat and my baby will be ready to visit Miami with his daddy.

I am not done shopping but I got a feeling that I will be able to find everything I need at Old Navy. They have been having a lot of cute items.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Love the flowers on this dress set

As soon as I saw this cute little dress set I thought to myself who has a little baby girl I can give this to. I love shopping for little girls because they have way better clothes selection than boys. I also think it's cute to put little dresses on them and make them look like a cute little princess.

With summer approaching and my girlfriends getting married and having babies, I am sure I will have plenty of shopping trips to keep my baby girl lust at bay. Just look at this cute dress set and tell me you wouldn't love to see it on your baby girl.

I think this JoyMC dress set is super cute and very affordable. This dress set costs 8.00 and I think I will be ordering more than one to give away to my friends.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cute little sandals for summer

The summer type weather is slowly creeping in and I am getting my child ready for it. I love shopping for clothes and shoes. When I saw these braided flip flops I immediately ordered them. My bab's dad has a pair that looks very similar and I thought how cute they would both look wearing them at the same time.

What I like about these sandals are the backing part because we all know how hard it is to keep shoes or sandals on little kids. I also like the cushioned footbed of these sandals. I always think about how comfortable my son will be wearing his shoes before I buy them.

Don't you think these sandals are adorable ?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cute ladybug bubble romper for the summer

While shopping for a blue print storage for my husband I found the cutest Ladybug romper. I have a baby shower to go to in a month and I think it will make a great gift for my friend who is having a baby girl.

My friend is due in the summer and knowing the weather we have here it will make a great outfit to keep her baby fresh and cool. This cute Ladybug bubble romper is made of 100 percent cotton and everyone knows that the best material to wear during the summer is cotten.

I love the snaps in between the leg parts so she doesn't have to strip the baby down to change her diaper. I love when outfits are made with easy access to the changing area.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Boy Shorts

I found some nice blue jean shorts for my son to wear in this warmer weather coming up. I love the elasticized ribbed knit band. I like to put easy clothes on my kids, because they are always spilling or really dirty. Having clothes they can just play in and not have to worry about stains or spills is really nice.

Also by putting them in easy 'take on and off' clothes makes it easier to change dirty diapers. I also think it is so cute to see my son in shorts and a fun little t-shirt. I love baby clothes and they have some of the cutest things to pick out of. Baby Gap is one of my favorite stores to shop in along with Carters.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cutest Summer Clothes

I just died when I saw this cute pair of ruffled shorts. My little girl would look so adorable in them! This is such a cute piece of clothing and I had to get it for my daughter. It's a perfect outfit for summer and spring. She is going to look so precious.

They are like the old school bloomers use to wear. I thought they were so cool and really cute too. It would be cool if we wore what they use to wear back in the day, or at least when we would get dressed up for a special occasion.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easter Dress

This is the dress I picked out for my daughter to wear on Easter day. I think it is so cute to see all the young kids and babies dresses up for a holiday. You can find some of the cutest clothes on holidays.

It was really hard for me to pick out just one outfit for her. My husband hates when I go shopping for clothes for our kids, because I kind of go overboard. But really, they make the cutest clothes for babies and toddlers that it's hard to resist just a couple things. Yes, they do grow fast and barely get to wear anything, but live in the moment and cherish the cuteness.

Great Plaid Bodysuit

This is a great piece of clothing to have around the house for your baby boy. It's easy to dress up with it, and dress down in it. It's a long sleeve, plaid, bodysuit. I love having them around for my son and they are really cute on. It's great for dressing up and going out to eat, or the total opposite and going out side and crawling around getting dirty. It's easy to clean and easy to wear and take off.

It's also a great bodysuit for layering clothes. If it's cold out I layer up my son in this and then when we get back home, he can take all the layers off and just crawl around in this onesie. It is definitely on of my favorite pieces of clothing for my son.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Perfect Baby Boy Clothes

My husband came home one day with my son wearing this. I thought it was the cutest thing I've seen him wear yet. At first all I could do was laugh, but he just looks so darn cute in these suspenders, especially with my husband holding him. It came with the nice gray short sleeve body suit too.

My husband loves putting him in this, because all the girls go crazy when those two are out on the town. He wears it so well and fits right in! It's cute to see those two outside getting dirty together while daddy works on something. I love finding those perfect clothes for anyone that will just fit their personality.

Spring Time Dresses

We have a spring wedding to go to at the end of April and I found this really cute spring dress for my little girl. I love the one-shoulder dresses, and I think she will look so cute in this. I wear dresses all the time, and I can not wait until spring and the warmer weather to get here.

I was so happy when I found out I was having a girl cause right now in my house, it's me against my husband and two boys. I can't wait to dress her up in cute little clothes and all of the cute little dresses out there. I think they make some of the cutest clothes for little kids! It's so hard to just walk out with a couple of items for your kids.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cute Easter Outfit for Boys

This is the outfit my sister picked out for her son on Easter. I went shopping with her, and it's just amazing at all the clothing options you have for babies and children. How does one pick out just one outfit?!

I thought she picked a great choice. I love the cute brown sweater vest and the really nice green long sleeve under. Her little boy is the cutest thing. He has blonde blonde hair and really blue eyes. He looks so good in green, he is definitely going to be a little heart breaker.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Awesome Air Jordans

I think it is the cutest thing to see babies in little shoes. My sister bought these really cute Air Jordans for my son. When we put them on at first he really didn't know what to think of them. After a while he started to get the hand of it and he was just running around in them. It was the cutest thing. I haven't really put on a real pair of shoes that tie on him yet and he was such a cutie.

When my husband saw them he thought they were so cool. When he has them on and we are out in the town, everyone has to stop and say how cute he looks. I think he really likes wearing them, so I'm thinking about getting him another pair. Yes, babies feet grow fast, but they just look so darn cute!